Patio 29

by Slowkiss

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Vampire 02:53
No one’s left of my old friends Seems like everyone is dead Perhaps I am the one who died maybe you stab me from behind Perhaps I am the murderer the evil one and my blood’s to dark to fight Im awake I feel your hate Im a vampire renegade Hey you ran away you ran away from me Hey got away you got away from me
Crash 02:01
Im not yours You’re not mine theres no possetions in this life Let me do what I like why dont you mind your own life there isnt any way to go I feel I wanna hit the road the city sound is all arround its like a crash You punish me you torture me thats the way you say love me toxic waste, get away I had enough, go and love yourself.
In Vain 03:28
If you wanna steal my life, I can give it to you If you wanna steal my friends, they weren’t true anyway If you wanna steal my heart, if you wanna kill my world If you wanna steal my soul I’ll be waiting for you in hell You’re trying in vain You’re trying in vain You’re trying in VAIN Guess you’ll always be that selfish bitch, that no one likes, that everyone feels sorry about, so full of shit, material girl, keep what you want cause I’ll never be empty as you are.
Control 01:59
Everyday we get up early, go to work Day by day to make you rich while we stay poor Honestly we’re getting tired of this routine Stay awake cause we wont let you do it again What you’ve done in palestina We dont want it in venezuela No more shit from the goverments You’re not fooling us again Remember you burn the papers, pay the men Remember all the hunger and the waist Remember all the mafia for the ball Remember all the death for your black gold We had enough of your corruption, of your laws Day by day you make our lifes so meaningless We have it all its in our hands to take control Its not too late to save our world from distruction What your doing to our nature we dont want that for our future No more shit from goverments your empires coming to an end Remember how you control the media Remember we dont believe in all your lies Remember Women are the same as men Remember you’ve became our ememy Remember you’re the nation under god Remember we’ll resist like viet cong Remember If you want peace prepare for war Remember all the countries you’ve destroy
Ballerina 02:46
we’re so far but anyway I can feel you Because when you dance the entire world starts spinning and the wind brings me pieces of you And I’m with you, In a moment And I’m with you, every moment And I’m with you.
Time 03:12
In time, I trust To wash away the things I didn’t want But something changed And now I know I’m running out of time again Cause this is not the first time I’ve been like this And it wont be the last one, I don’t believe Comunication breakedown, I’m not like this Stop your manipulation, It’s not for me Time passed away Couldn’t erase those things that I regret But somethings changed I’m not afraid you know we’re diferent Cause this is not the first time I’ve been like this And it wont be the last one, I don’t believe Comunication brakedown, I’m not like this It’s just manipulation, It’s not for me I’m not like this It’s not for me.
Enough 01:38
She looks like the perfect girl But you don’t know what’s inside of her Every girl has a story to tell About the way yo’ve put us in this hell To be a woman in this world never knowing if you’re coming back home You gotta stop abusing us You gotta stop degrating us No more, enough It’s been enough Fifteen in a perfect dress Didn’t diserve that rape in the park 35 taking care of a man her kids found her with a wound in her neck With 7 years her daddys friend touched her For a woman it’s something normal to happen At 45 her husband dumped her because he found him someone little bit younger One minute for all the fallen One minute for all the daughters One cheer for all the girls Together we can make it work.
To Death 04:22
I dont wanna be I dont wanna be here Staying here is giving up staying here I know is giving up Alone again in this tragic world Im a looser Im alone Im empty I swear Mother I will do whatever nothing can corrupt me i”ll be the same forever oh mother I won’t brake my promise ever truly to death Staying here Is waisting me Staying here I now Is killing me.
Don't Lie 03:08
I cant stand the way that you look at me tonight Its something that changed in your eyes Come and smoke with me some more, let’s forget the right the wrong Get close to me, uuu feel everything all around us move so slowly Feells like floating, we’re floating Why don’t you, why don’t you, why don’t you why don’t you why don’t you? Come to sleep with me Don’t lie, don’t lie to me… No don’t lie don’t lie to me I cant stand the way you look at me tonight Something changed in the way you look In your eyes, in your eyes.
Es medianoche, es el momento de comenzar hay luna llena, hoy es domingo hoy estarán Jugando a las cartas en el cementerio Bebiendo whisky con soda Comiendo salmón ahumado ganando mucho dinero que bien! Y las apuestas siguen subiendo cada vez mas Esta es mi noche sigo ganando lo voy a gastar.


released August 30, 2019

Recorded, mastered and mixed by Tim Picchetti in Estudio del Sur and The Shack Studios. Recording Engineers, Francisco Holzman and Ignacio Portales. Tracks "In Vain, "Time" and "To Death" mixed and recorded by Alejandro Taranto in DeJave Studios. Engineers, Anival Bunacorso, Leandro Romero and Martin Pomares. Mastered by Martin Carrizo at 5.1 Studio. Artwork by Paco. All songs written by Slowkiss except "Jugando A Las Cartas" by Parálisis Permanente.


all rights reserved



Slowkiss Chile

Santiago, Chile-based quartet lead by two sweet-singing girls who manage to combine the noisy darkness of shoegaze with “scream-in-your-face” punk rock and ethereal-sounding pop.

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